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Chinese Crested Breeder

Chinese Crested Breeders

We all love our dogs. When we purchase them we want them to be happy and healthy. The way to go about making sure this happens is to find a reputable breeder. There are some breeders, unfortunately, that are more concerned with making money than actually caring for their puppies and getting them to each of their proper homes. The first order of business would be to avoid purchasing from online classified ads. Breeders that advertise their puppies online for “immediate sale” should be kept clear from.

Most reputable breeders will take orders for puppies in advance and examine each and every person that shows interest in purchasing one of their dogs. “Backyard Breeders” are likely to let the health and breeding conditions of their pups go to the wayside. Usually purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder happens to take longer. This wait is worth it in the long run. Look into blogs or Chinese Crested associations to get referrals for reputable breeders. Breeders that are referred to from the American Chinese Crested Club are required to stick to a certain Code of Ethics. More or less its like being part of a high class home owners association.

Asking about the health of your Chinese Crested breeders dogs. All purebred dogs are susceptible to certain health conditions. No dog is perfect and each of them comes with their own set of challenges. If a breeder denies that this is the case with Chinese Crested dogs, their being dishonest; therefore, you that this is one breeder that you want to stay away from. Breeders that care for their dogs and the, product more or less, their selling will be completely honest about any health issue their dogs have experienced. Most breeders are thoroughly concerned with both the health and welfare of their dogs for his or her entire life. Ask about what actions the breeder might take if your Chinese Crested comes down with a congenital disease.

image: Tasha Randall

The breeders might also have requirements that you need to stick to and adhere by before purchasing one of their animals. Spaying or neutering is a big requirement among many breeders of all different dogs. You may be asked about your lifestyle. For instance they might want to know your income, where you live and daily activities. This will help give them a better understanding of who their selling to and who their giving one of their babies to.

Chinese Crested’s are a little higher in maintenance than most dogs. Get as much history and background you can on both the breeder and the dog breed itself. Many unknown variables come into play when purchasing a dog. It’s hard to know everything but the more research one can do the better off you’ll be in the long run. Check out the breeders or even ask for an in person meeting before committing to anything. These dogs are cute and incredibly smart and can make a wonderful edition to your family.

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