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Is a Chinese Crested Dog Right for You?

Chinese Crested Dogs

Chinese Crested dogs are unique, fashionable, and known for being wonderful companions. When considering whether a Chinese Crested is right for you, there are many considerations to make. How much does owning a Chinese Crested cost? How much care is required? Do Chinese Cresteds have many common behavioral problems? The following guide can help you decide if you and a Chinese Crested are compatible.

Chinese Crested dogs are more expensive than most breeds

If looking specifically for a hairless dog, expect to pay more than you would for most other breeds. Since a hairless puppy is rarer than a Powder Puff, breeders can charge a higher price – upwards of $1,000. Additionally a Chinese Crested dog will have extra expenses beyond a typical dog, such as skin care.

Chinese Cresteds are emotionally needy

Since the Chinese Crested dog is a companion breed, she is happiest when with her owner and family. Some suffer from separation anxiety when left alone, and strongly prefer the presence of others.

Hairless varieties can be high maintenance

A hairless Chinese Crested is prone to sunburn, acne, and dry skin. Sunscreen must always be applied whenever the dog is outdoors. Cleanliness of all bedding and clothing are necessary, as well as frequent baths (typically every 2 -5 days), since Hairless Cresteds are prone to acne. Skin must also always be moisturized, or else dry, irritated skin can be an uncomfortable problem.

Toy breeds are fragile

As with all dogs that weigh less than 12 lbs, a Chinese Crested dog needs special attention to ensure health and safety. Their fragile frame means that not watching where you step or sit can be disastrous. A Chinese Crested may not be right for a household with small children or other pets, because they are not as resilient as a larger breed.

Chinese Cresteds require socialization

Small dogs can easily become frightened of new people and experiences, so frequent socialization is required. Taking your dog for car rides, on trips to the bank, and out for walks in the park are all important gestures to keep your dog happy and confident.

Chinese Cresteds have a low cold tolerance

If living in a cold climate, a Chinese Crested may not be right for you. With their nonexistent coat and tiny structure, they are unable to efficiently regulate their body temperature. A Hairless Chinese Crested requires warm clothing and special care when the temperatures drop.

Chinese Cresteds have many allergies

A Chinese Crested owner must be vigilant of all skin care products, clothing, and food that are used for his or her dog. With allergies to lanolin, wool, and a number of dog food ingredients such as soy, corn, wheat, or grains, Chinese Cresteds can be high maintenance.
Overall, Chinese Crested dogs are great companions and family dogs when proper care and precautions are taken. Although not the right breed for every family, their small size, long life expectancy, and adorable antics make them an increasingly popular choice in the United States.

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