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Chinese Crested Grooming Requirements

Chinese Crested Grooming Tips & Guide

The Chinese Crested breed certainly produces interesting looking dogs, either as a hairless variety or as the Powder Puff with a flowing double coat. Each version has a number of grooming requirements for your Chinese Crested that must be met in order to ensure the health and happiness of the dog.

The Hairless Chinese Crested has skin that is similar to a human’s, and with many of the same needs. Prone to sunburn, care must be taken to always apply sunscreen to your dog’s skin before going outside. A light sweater can also be worn by the hairless dog to block the sun’s harmful rays. If sunburn does occur, treat the burn with aloe or other after-burn lotion.

Like humans, hairless dogs are also susceptible to acne. If breakouts occur, first consider whether the food you are feeding your CC has any allergy-inducing ingredients, such as grain or corn. Next determine whether anything in your dog’s environment may be causing clogged pores, such as dirty bedding. Gentle cleansing products developed for acne sufferers with sensitive skin can be used as an acne preventative, and over-the-counter acne products containing small amounts of salicylic acid can be used for treatment.

A Hairless CC’s skin is also susceptible to dryness, so a good, unscented and oil free lotion is recommended to be applied whenever the skin appears dry, and especially after a bath.

To remove excess hair from a Hairless CC, a set of clippers can be used, as well as a simple razor or hair removal cream. Note that a hairless dog can have an allergic reaction to these products, so an allergy test is recommended. Remaining hair should be brushed regularly to avoid becoming matted, and can be trimmed with scissors.

Powder Puff
The Powder Puff variety has extensive grooming requirements, given its double coat. To avoid matting, a bath should be given weekly with high quality shampoo and conditioner, and the coat should be brushed daily. Never “dry brush” your Powder Puff, but instead lightly spray her with water or grooming spray to avoid damaging her hair. Hair can be trimmed with scissors.

Chinese Crested dogs have a unique foot configuration called “hare foot,” which is characterized by longer toes than the typical dog. Subsequently, the quick in each nail is longer, so extra care should be taken not to trim the toenails too short, for risk of bleeding.

Excess hair should be trimmed around the ear opening to ensure moisture cannot be trapped inside and cause ear problems, such as infection. Clean your CC’s ears monthly using a gentle cleanser, and remember to never stick anything into a dog’s ear canal.

Both varieties of CC may be susceptible to dry and cracked paw pads. Apply a moisturizing balm to paws after a bath or as needed.

Chinese Crested dogs are prone to dental issues, such as overcrowding, under bite, and “primitive mouth.” Regular dental cleanings and checkups are especially recommended for this breed.