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2016 World’s Ugliest Dog Chihuahua-Chinese Crested Mix

Holy sweet baby Jesus…I mean wow. There are many ugly things in this world. Each thing comes in their own unique shape and size. Smelly feet are ugly and stinky, hippos, in my own opinion of course, are ugly and this dog….this mutt is down right hideous. Every year they name an ugly dog but this one has to take the cake, of all years. Can they rename this competition as “The ugliest dog ever”? Give this poor thing a trophy from whatever hell hole he crawled out of. This poor, little four pound devil’s name is Sweepee Rambo. He’s a seventeen year old wiry haired, wrinkly skinned, old as dirt Chihuahua-Chinese Crested Mix.

At the Ugliest Dog Competition this year, Sweepee, was a crowd favorite from the get go. I mean if you’re seventeen years old with absolutely nothing going for you looks wise, I’d hope that some crowd or someone would find me adorable. The crowd was so in love with this little rascal it’s reported that there were signs that said “Sweepee for President.” There were reporters from all over the world, including France and Germany, looking to get an interview about this black haired, blue eyed, wonder. When Jason Wurtz, Sweepee’s owner, wrote her contest entry form he labeled her as a “ride or die chick” who enjoys riding in her owners Honda Motorcycle. That’s abundantly clear with the sweet Mohawk Sweepee happens to be rocking every day.

This years contest entered sixteen dogs. Most of them were either rescue dogs or retrieved form puppy mills in the past. The common theme through all the dogs was the “bad hair.” The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest has been hosted by the fair for the last twenty-eight years. It is ran with the same rules as a beauty pageant. Each contest gets to walk down some red carpet and show off their ugliest looks. There are three judges that award each dog with points based on appearance (obviously must be ugly), their personalities (I still wouldn’t be able to get past the looks), and the reactions from the audience (not sure how that goes, is it loudest cheer or strongest boo). Add all those up and reward the owner and dog with the trophy. Wurtz and Sweepee received a first place reward of $1,500 and a massive six foot tall trophy. Hopefully he didn’t plan on have Sweepee help him carry that into the house.

If you think you might have a dog that is downright hard to look at or maybe it’s just ugly in general, give the competition a go. You may just come away with a little cash and a trophy to show for it. If you don’t end up winning, the only thing you really are able to take away is that, you have one ugly mutt on your hands. I’m sure you’ll still love it all the same.

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