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New Chinese Crested Checklist

Bringing home a new dog, especially a high-maintenance breed such as the Chinese Crested, can be stressful. Without an organized list, a crucial item will inevitably be forgotten. Below is a comprehensive checklist of things to prepare when purchasing or adopting a new dog.


Many Chinese Cresteds have sensitive stomachs or allergies, so be sure to contact the breeder or rescue beforehand to find out which food they have been feeding your new dog.

Collar, Leash, Tags, and Harness

Purchase a collar for your Chinese Crested, but only use it for placing identification tags (which should include your name and contact information), and never attaching to a leash. Instead, use a body harness for long walks. Toy breeds are fragile, and using your dog’s neck for control while out on a walk can cause serious damage to his neck or trachea.

Toys and Treats

Your new Chinese Crested will need plenty of toys and treats to discourage from unwanted habits. Use a good quality chew toy to redirect him every time he tries to chew on anything inappropriate around the house. Small, soft training treats will help with obedience and potty training, as well.


Chinese Crested dogs would love nothing more than to sleep in bed with you, but due to their small size and fragile nature, should sleep in a bed of their own. Find bedding that can withstand regular washing, as Hairless Chinese Cresteds have sensitive skin.

Cleaning Supplies

Your new dog is likely going to have some accidents in the beginning and get into doggy mischief. Be sure to buy a good cleaning spray, specifically one formulated for stains caused by dogs.

Grooming supplies

The grooming needs of the Chinese Crested, either hairless or Powder Puff, are very important. For the Hairless breed you will need a gentle skin cleanser, unscented moisturizer, acne or blackhead medication, comb or brush, and a razor for removing unwanted hair. Some hairless Cresteds are sensitive to lanolin, so be sure to double check the ingredient list of any product you use on your dog. Caring for a Powder Puff will require shampoo and conditioner, as well as a good grooming brush and grooming spray.

Sun Screen

The Hairless Chinese Crested is extremely sensitive to the sun and its skin will burn, just like a human’s. Buy a sun screen formulated specially for dogs or babies. Also have aloe or other sun burn lotion on hand, should your dog accidentally get burned.


Chinese Cresteds have a low cold tolerance and often require clothing. Unless the temperature is very warm, consider having some type of clothing for your dog. Be aware that many Chinese Cresteds are allergic to wool, so avoid certain fabric blends.

List of emergency contacts

Always have the phone number for a veterinarian, poison control, and boarding facility handy, preferably on the refrigerator for everyone in the household to easily see.