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Rescuing a Chinese Crested Dog

Rescuing a Chinese Crested Dog

When choosing whether to purchase or adopt a dog, many factors come into play. For those who are not planning to show their dog or do not care about specific bloodlines, rescuing a Chinese Crested dog can be a rewarding option. Although rescue dogs are often stigmatized as being “damaged goods,” the truth is that most are relinquished for reasons that have nothing to do with the dog.

Although most people assume that purebred dogs do not end up in rescue, this assumption is far from the truth. Breed specific organizations work closely with owners and animal shelters to save purebred dogs (and occasional mixes) from the possibility of euthanasia. Often, a rescued Chinese Crested dog will even come with papers and a complete medical history from the previous owner(s). Breeders and kennels often take back dogs they had placed as puppies in an attempt to rehome them, as well.

Many potential adopters assume that dogs have been given up for adoption because of bad behavior or poor temperament.   In reality, dogs are rarely relinquished because of irreconcilable differences between dog and owner. Commonly, dogs are given up because the owner feels he or she does not have enough time, money, or energy to devote to the dog. Extenuating circumstances such as a new baby, a sudden pet allergy, or the need to move across the country or even overseas are other reasons owners give for needing to find their dog a new home. Commonly, Chinese Crested dogs are given up because the owner cannot properly keep up with the needs of a hairless dog, or, the high-maintenance coat of a Powder Puff.

Although adopting a Chinese Crested is certainly less expensive than buying a puppy, the process is very similar. An application will have to be filled out by the potential adopter that will ask questions such as how long the dog would be alone in the house, whether anyone in the house has experience with hairless or toy breeds, and what the dog’s living situation would be. The rescue may require a home or background check, as well as references from a veterinarian. The rescue will also go to great lengths to ensure the dog will be fully taken care of its new home, meaning that the adopter may be required to show proof of financial security.

A rescued Chinese Crested dog will be spayed or neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccines, and assessed for behavioral issues such as food or fear aggression. The adoption fee may depend whether any veterinary work has been performed on the dog by the rescue, but can range anywhere from $50 – $300.

If unsure whether adopting a Chinese Crested is right for you, fostering is always a great option. Many rescues are foster-based, meaning there is no physical facility to house homeless dogs. Instead, relinquished pets are placed temporarily in other homes until the dog is adopted. The rescue pays for all necessary expenses, such as food, grooming, and medical costs. Fostering can help you better understand that rescuing a Chinese Crested is not all that different from purchasing one, and is an experience you may find preferable!

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