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Reasons to own a Chinese Crested dog

When considering which of the 340 recognized dog breeds may be right for you, there are many considerations to make. Numerous guides offer reasons not to adopt a particular dog breed, but there are also a number of reasons why you should consider one type of dog over another.

Long Life Expectancy

Chinese Crested dogs have one of the highest life expectancies of all dog breeds. The American Kennel Club estimates the average life span of a Chinese Crested to be 15 – 17 years. If looking for a life-long companion, a Chinese Crested may be right for you!

Unique Appearance

Both Hairless and Powder Puff varieties have an interesting look that can garner a lot of attention. Although the attention can be positive (being called the super models of the dog world) or negative (being known for their “success” in the World’s Ugliest Dog Competition), no one can argue that owning a Chinese Crested dog can make you stand out.


The Chinese Crested is surprisingly athletic for its small stature. Accomplished in Agility, Rally-O, and Lure Coursing, this breed of dog is highly trainable and fun. For the dog owner who wants the athleticism of a border collie without the requirements of a high energy breed, a Chinese Crested is a good choice.

Great for Apartment Dwellers

Live in a small space but still want a dog? A Chinese Crested is great for apartment living, even able to live a happy life without ever going outside if litter box or potty pad trained. Bred for living aboard ships for months or even years at a time, Chinese Cresteds are low maintenance in terms of their living situation.

High Heat Tolerance

Although most dogs are unable to sweat, hairless Chinese Cresteds have sweat glands all over their bodies. This quality makes them well-suited for warm climates. In fact, an area of the country that never gets colder than 60o F would be perfect for a Chinese Crested.

Good Companion

Chinese Cresteds are great for people who want lap dogs. Content to lounge in bed or on the couch for hours with their favorite people, a Chinese Crested is great for someone confined to the house all day or works from home.

Few Health Problems

Among toy breeds, Chinese Cresteds suffer fewer congenital health disorders than most. Prone mostly to eye diseases such as glaucoma, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, and Lens Luxation, other common health issues in small dogs, such as hypoglycemia, are virtually nonexistent. Additionally, with proper attention to breeding practices, the risk of many health problems can be entirely eliminated.

Listed above are only a few reasons the Chinese Crested has risen to the rank of 63rd most popular dog breed in the United States by the American Kennel Club. Affectionate, athletic, alert, and quirky, it is no surprise that the breed has seen an insurgence of popularity in recent years, after once being on the brink of extinction. If looking for a new dog, the Chinese Crested is certainly a breed to consider!