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Another GiGi Bathroom Break!!

I like to show the bathroom breaks because many ask what happens when we are moving and a Dog needs to do a bathroom break? Most true sled Dogs will use the bathroom while they are running because it’s nearly impossible to stop a large team in midstream for each Dog that needs to go, so therefore they learn to go on the run. Because we are moving at a slower pace than most sled Dog teams and there aren’t as many Dogs, I am always able to stop the team when one of my Dogs need to go. As you see here even GiGi at her small size can let me know she needs to go and transition into a bathroom stop seamlessly and when finished continue our run effortlessly!! In case you are wondering (because I know you are:) Jim in my Dog Bus Van is following behind to aide in any way we may need as well as clean-up after each bathroom break!

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