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Barking Distractions and Command Work!

In this video you can see my Dog Bus (van) following us but what you don’t see or hear is Zarro is inside of the Dog Bus (van)!! My original intent was to only hook up Chase & Jag with GiGi as you see and Zarro would come along for the ride because he doesn’t like to be left behind. Low and behold he doesn’t like to not be on the scooter either so he was being a bit vocal and it was distracting GiGi which was good as dealing with distractions is what we need to work through for her and this was a good one! That is why she is looking back a bit and I am guiding her with my voice to stay forward and the scooter is guiding her also as you can see it gently nudge her over! This was such a wonderful learning experience! In addition you can see the Dogs get excited as there was another distraction in front of us and they started to pick speed up BUT slowed down when I commanded the lead Dog to do so, so this is yet another great learning exercise! You will notice she is doing AWESOME, and in the next set of videos I do get Zarro out of the Van and put him with GiGi, Chase, & Jag, stay tuned for that!!

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