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Dealing with LOUD Distractions

Here’s another video showing how when a really loud truck passes us and my chase vehicle blows his horn to let me know that this truck is coming I steer the scooter to the side giving vocal commands of a sled Dog term GEE OVER (which means over to the right) and you can see how PERFECT the attachment GiGi is on gently nudges her to the right! Additionally one of my big Dogs (Jag) in the back was a little intimidated by the loud truck so he moved close to the scooter and I stroked and praised him as the truck passed by to insure him he is a good boy and everything is ok. You can also see GiGi occasionally looking back some as she is still learning so she is a bit unsure if anything again is approaching us from behind. But again the attachment she is on nudges her safely and gently as I am vocalizing words of encouragement in a comforting voice to let her know everything is ok and let’s keep going.

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