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Dealing with Obstacles in the Trail Lane!

Building CONFIDENCE and COMFORT is so much apart of what the training I am doing through all of these exercises and adventures! Comfort through Confidence is a true gift to any Dog and their family as it will give them the ability to safely deal with almost situation they may be confronted with. We can’t train for every situation but if we help our Dog instill this Confidence and an unforeseen incident occurs than he or she will be less likely to fear the situation because when fear is evoked a lot of times that can lead to aggression and other undesirable behaviors and emotions!!

In this video GiGi sees the branch in her trail lane and jumps it instinctually without even thinking about it! Some Dogs and maybe even her on an earlier training lesson may just STOP at the branch and need to be coaxed around it. This was a major CONFIDENCE builder and such a positive experience that in fact sometimes I will purposefully put an object like that branch in the way to find a Dogs ability to deal with the situation so I can better train them.

Additionally you can see GiGi still be a little timid or unsure about the trash can and boxes on the side as we get ready to pass them BUT the scooter attachment so perfectly nudges her gently to stay in her lane to build the Confidence that the trash can and boxes won’t interfere with her and she can pass them safely!!

This 35 second video offers so much on the WolFManChi Confidence factor for Dogs!!

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