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The ‘Hook-Up'” GIGi runs with Princess & Zarro

This is how I hook the Dogs up to the RuFF-Board ( Dog- Scooter)!! Notice how GiGi is so excited and even putting her nose up in the air to catch the scent of her WooFPAK mates and what’s going on!! This is a new way of running my lead Dog Zarro as we added the bar in front to allow GiGi to follow him but still keeping her next to me so I can monitor her at all times. Zarro is unfamiliar with this set-up and you can see him looking at me as we start to look for his command in this position, so I have Jim call and wave him to turn around and go forward. He’s confident on the RuFF-Board so he makes the necessary adjustments and runs with it like he’s been in this position for years!! GiGi did so AWESOME herself as well!!

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