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Loud Noises and Guiding with my Voice

Notice how my chase vehicle – WooFDriver Pit Crew member Jim is following me in my “Dog Bus Van” to warn me of other cars and traffic as well to assist me in any way and also to be there in case I would need to put one or all the Dogs in the Dog Bus Van he is driving. So you can hear him honk as a car is approaching behind him and will come behind me, so that honk tells me to move over and in this case stop the Dogs. The Dogs are not familiar with the honk so especially GiGi as she is learning is most concerned with the honk and loud noise it creates. The scooter guides her gently to the side as I guide her with my voice for a pretty seamless transition and a confidence building opportunity. Additionally notice how we effortlessly start right back up after the passing car goes by.

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